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Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Essential to Your Business

A few years ago, not having your website optimized for mobile probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But things have changed. Fast-forward to present day and you’ll find that having fully-optimized mobile versions of your website is essential for success in today’s online marketplace.

The optimal solution to fix your mobile site woes is RWD (responsive web design). With the number of individuals browsing websites by way of mobile devices increasing rapidly, having a fully-optimized site that can be viewed on any computer or mobile device is fast becoming an industry necessity. With everything you do to promote and drive traffic to your website, losing conversions due to the dysfunction of your site when viewed on an iPad or smartphone is definitely not helping your bottom line.

A Fingertip Away

I know a little bit about buying on impulse because I do it myself. If I’m browsing on my smartphone for a specific type of business or product, I want results in the fastest, easiest way possible. If the mobile site I’m browsing doesn’t give me what I want, then my search continues until I find one that does. If a mobile site doesn’t feature a phone number they are missing out on leads and, potentially, conversions. You want to feature your business phone number clearly on the top of each page, giving your customer the easy option of tapping that number and calling if they so choose. Web searches are often performed specifically to locate a business’s phone number and, if your phone number is nowhere to be found, chances are that customer will be calling one of you competitors.

Simple Navigation Options

When people are accessing your site via a mobile device, ensure that they are able to access all areas with ease. Plainly spell out where any pages or important sections are located and make sure that the user can browse through the site with no potentially discouraging roadblocks. If a customer has trouble accessing the page that he or she is looking for, they’ll just find a company similar to yours that has an easily-navigable mobile-friendly version of their website.

Customers want to spend money but they are more than happy to look elsewhere for a place to spend their money if they can’t find the product or service that they want, or if they get frustrated with the functionality (or lack thereof) of the non-optimized mobile version of your website.

Conversion is Key

You use your website to showcase services or products that you offer, so creating leads and conversions based on these services and products should be your main goal. Having a non-friendly mobile version of your website increases the likelihood that a visitor will choose to not click on an available call-to-action, or possibly just leave your site altogether. You should make sure that there is a process by which you can capture a visitor’s name and email so that you can possibly target them at a later date.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing, if potential customers have a difficult time navigating your site you’re going to lose sales. Having both a great marketing strategy, and a fully optimized mobile website that is easy to use, is ultimately what makes the difference between conversion success or conversion mediocrity.

Solutions are a Phone Call Away

Fortunately Click Here Publishing can assist you in both of these areas. We offer numerous marketing services geared towards maximize website visibility and transforming leads into conversions and our experienced team of developers can create you a responsive website that translates onto any mobile device imaginable.  We are a certified Google Partner, have over 20 years in the business, and have a client portfolio that matches up with anyone. Contact our Baton Rouge office today at 225-383-0333 to learn more about the marketing services that we provide, and how these services will help both you and your business maximize your potential.


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