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Why Your Ads Aren’t Showing (On Purpose)

Sometimes the most exciting part of starting a new paid search campaign is seeing your ads in action.

So you do a quick test search on Google and to your surprise, you can’t seem to find them anywhere! It doesn’t matter what keyword you seem to use, you don’t see them. Is your paid search team dropping the ball? Not necessarily. There are actually several reasons an analyst will strategically stop your ads from showing. Here are the Top 5 reasons your ads aren’t showing up- ON PURPOSE.

My Ads Aren't Showing. WHY?

 1. Your Daily Budget Has Spent Out for the Day

If your budget is too low but your services are highly sought after, you may experience a depleted budget before the day is over. If one of your goals is more conversions, your analyst is working hard to efficiently manage your budget for a higher conversion rate. If you are still running out of budget too early, this is a good sign that you could have more leads than you do now if you had a higher budget. To increase your lead generation and allow your ad to continue running longer into the day and month, invest more in your PPC campaign.

There are many other reasons why ads may not show up in a test search, and sometimes it can be a combination of things. Stay tuned to our blog at Click Here Publishing for more great tips and insights into your digital advertising and marketing campaigns!


2. You’re Not Within The Ad’s Schedule

Search traffic is not all equal. Conversions happen more often during certain blocks of time. In order to manage your account efficiently, search analysts will set schedules of time in order for your ads to run and then pause the other times. In other words, if your ad group is getting 200 clicks per day and 100 clicks per night, but you are receiving no conversions between 9pm and 7am, the budget for those 100 non-converted clicks could have been more aggressively applied during the day when visitors were more likely to convert.

3. You’re Outside The Geo Target

Search campaigns are usually configured to target certain areas, usually by city, zip code, or radius around a location. Your analyst can target users who are likely at a targeted location, show interest in a targeted location or a combination of both. Targeting consumers outside your geographic area is advisable if your product or service involves travel, for example, a hotel would not want to only target people already in their area. Consumers can show interest in a location by the terms they use in their searches, sites they have previously visited, or by if they were recently in a location. If a search is performed from somewhere outside the geographic targeting, the searcher will not necessarily be served the ads. This allows your analyst to target the highest converting areas for your business.


4. The Keyword You’re Searching Wasn’t Converting

Keywords may seem like winners in theory, but once a campaign is running, they may waste your money. When a keyword or ad group is generating too many clicks but not enough conversions, that keyword or ad group will be paused in order to allow for the budget to spend more efficiently on keywords and ad groups that are inducing conversions.


5. Your IP is Blocked

Often times we block our own IP address which prevents our ads from showing for searches performed in our office. The purpose of this is so that our searches won’t affect the impression or click data for our clients’ accounts. We also sometimes block our clients’ IP addresses for the same reason. Here’s an article from Google that explains this.

Jonas Dominique
Jonas Dominique (Miami University ’11) manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in Paid Search Advertising campaigns as a Google Certified SEM Analyst for Click Here Publishing in Baton Rouge. His portfolio spans the entire United States specializing in the Automotive, Hospitality, Medical and Legal industries. With over 7 years of marketing and technology experience, his resume includes start-ups, agencies, and non-profit/foundation formation in the United States and abroad.
Jonas Dominique

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