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What is IGTV?

Some of you may have noticed a new button at the top of your Instagram that is shaped like a little TV. This button is for IGTV- which provides users with a whole new way to watch videos.

What is IGTV? (Instagram TV)

Instagram has just released a new (free!) app for watching longer videos. Think of a combination of beefed-up Instagram Stories, Vine, Netflix, and YouTube, and you have IGTV. Like Netflix, IGTV uses AI to provide video suggestions based on videos you have previously watched or topics that you have expressed interest in. Another similarity is the Continue Watching tab, where partially viewed content will be stored until you finish watching. Unlike other video apps, IGTV has created their user interface to work with the way we use our phones – vertically.

An Addition, Not a Replacement

IGTV is not a replacement for Instagram, rather, it is an additional channel for a new, longer form of video. Instagram video posts have a 60-second max. Instagram video ads and Instagram Stories have a 15-second max. IGTV videos, on the other hand, have a 60-minute max. This opens up a new world for creative possibilities and stronger storylines. Like these shorter video formats, we still strongly suggest making the first three seconds captivating to encourage viewers to watch more.

Video That is Always Playing

Any of us that follow bloggers or repeatedly watch tutorial videos are no stranger to the inconvenience of having to flip your phone to watch a video. IGTV indulges both our love for video content and our need to multitask. Your video will continue to play vertically regardless of how you tilt your phone. Better yet, IGTV video will also continue to play while you upload your own saved videos, or while you use the top search bar to find other videos you want to watch instead.

Who Is Using IGTV?

Since IGTV was just launched on June 20th, there is still a huge opportunity for more content creators and businesses to start channels on IGTV. Creating an account on IGTV is easy, and links right to your main Instagram account.

Current IGTV Users:

– Influencers
– Motivational Speakers
– Major international brands (food chains, fashion designers)
– Comedians
– Celebrities

Current IGTV Content Ideas:

– Interviews
– Informal Speeches
– Tutorials
– Cooking videos
– Workout videos
– Concert viewing
– Unboxing/Product Reveals

Features We Would Like to See

While acknowledging IGTV is still brand-new, I would love to see them develop this product further. In my opinion, one key missing feature would be a playlist tab, that would allow to you save videos you are interested in watching later. This same feature could be used to group your favorite videos into categories to rewatch or share. An existing IGTV feature that isn’t very intuitive is figuring out how to upload your own videos – this can be done only by clicking your circular profile icon, and it isn’t in any of the typical app spots you would expect to find it.

Advertising on IGTV

At this time, there are no current ways to advertise on IGTV. The best use for IGTV is strictly organic video content. However, IGTV is a free app, and the majority of free apps are no stranger to paid content. Expect in the future to see IGTV monetized like the other apps owned by Facebook – Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. I would be highly surprised if they didn’t, because it is such an obvious opportunity for revenue using the existing user behaviors they have already gathered from their other connected apps and database.

We encourage you to try out IGTV and explore your creative side. Get ahead of other businesses not utilizing this app, and draw inspiration from the ones that already are.

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Holly Hingle

Holly Hingle

Director of Social Media Advertising at Click Here Publishing
Holly Hingle, Executive Director of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, successfully manages a multi-million dollar portfolio and aligns the fufillment team initiatives for a cohesive organic and paid digital presence. She provides successful strategies for regional healthcare systems, law firms, retail brands, and leading automotive groups, including the #1 Honda and Chevy dealer in Louisiana and the #1 BMW and Hyundai dealer in the USA.
Holly Hingle
Holly Hingle

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