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Web Site Design Company in Baton Rouge: Quick Tips

Chris Everett, managing partner at Click Here Publishing, has seen it all in regards to website design and development. Here are some quick tips for a business that is looking to design a new website or redesign an existing website.

#1: Gather Your Content
The #1 thing we see in the website design and development business is clients don’t have any idea what content they want to have on their site. Find pictures that you want to use. Gather the mission statement and your product/service descriptions and make sure it is well written.

#2: Professional Photography
Yes, it is an added cost but you can use the photos on business cards, your website, brochures, even TV. This small tip can make the difference in your site being ‘good’ to ‘great.

#3: Less is More
Search Engines will penalize you for bloated content (or content that is not viewed regularly). Make sure to have enough content to explain what a customer would need – but don’t over do it.

#4: Establish a Marketing Budget
Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. Even the most expensive and best looking website is useless if no one can find it. Set aside a modest monthly online marketing budget to ensure your website can be found on the search engines, directories, and popular social media sites.

Follow these quick tips and your next website project will not only look great but be a standout in the crowd. Remember – no matter how nice or how expensive your website may be if it doesn’t have traffic it is more or less useless. Make are your website is SEO optimized and consider other marketing services to drive targeted traffic.

Chris Everett, 19 years website design experience
Click Here Publishing





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