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Value of Search Engine Rankings

At Click Here Publishing we manage many ecommerce clients and we understand the importance of being listed on the first page of Google. We know and understand that everyone wants to be on the top of the search engines, but how important is it really to an ecommerce client? Here is some techniques we use that will also help explain the impact of search engine optimization and marketing:

Utilize Paid Search:
Determine the best converting keywords that generate you a positive ROI – even if your site is already on page 1 of the search engines, you can utilize paid search to dramatically increase conversion. We have found up to an 80% increase in conversion when there are terms that are found organically on page 1 also have an Adwords paid listing.

So many business owners feel that they have to “SEO” or “optimize” their entire site. Although it is important to have your site optimized – it is more important to have the “main pages” of your site optimized (ex; key category landing pages or top traffic product pages). Don’t know what terms or pages to focus on first? Start by evaluating your analytics and also extract data from your paid search campaigns.

Manage ROI:
With all the advanced techniques available to measure your website performance, it is pretty simple to figure out what terms actually are profitable for your business and which are not – example “blue widget” vs “green widget”. With analtyics and AdWords data you can determine what the demand (search volume) is for each term and even see which term is actually converting into sales. From there you can establish the basic metrics which will determine if you can maintain a positive ROI (in relation to your marketing budget).

(Gross Sales)*(Product Margin) / (Marketing Spend) = (Profit/Loss)

Using paid search data, you can even determine this at the keyword level – which is incredibly insightful. Once you determine the effectiveness of individual keywords you can focus your paid search marketing and your search engine optimization into a more focused campaign.

Case Studies:
We have several clients that were doing $10,000 – $14,000 a month in online sales before coming to us for assistance. What they told us was very similar – “my site has grown but it seems to have hit a ceiling….” Using the techniques above, we have seen certain clients move from the middle or top of page 2 in the search engines to the bottom or middle of page 1 for the “right” key phrases. Just that small change of position for the right keywords is sometimes the difference in them reaching an additional $8,000 – $12,000 in sales per month. Doubling your online sales isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is very exciting when your site can double its online sales.


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