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SEO Company For Car Dealerships – Best Practices

I have worked very closely with car dealerships for over 12 years helping them establish best practices when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing (today) is a very broad term. SEO, SEM, Social, Website Design, Analytics – all make up the digital landscape. Don’t forget to add mobile; therefore we must also add reviews, maps, video, and 3rd party apps.

Specializing in automotive SEO takes experience. For every digital marketing professional different paths can be taken when working within different channels (ex; Travel, Auto, Retail). When it comes to Car Dealer SEO services a special skill-set is required. Most dealerships don’t understand digital marketing; therefore, I find myself doing an equal amount of consulting and SEO work – but that mix is the exact skill-set that is required to succeed!

Too many agencies try to “productize” SEO. The sell 10 links, 2 blog posts, 1 of this and 1 of that. But SEO is not a product – it is a SERVICE. The key to success is planning. Automotive websites have very specific goal which is generating leads. You can’t swipe a credit card and buy a car (yet) – so leads are the lifeblood of the car dealership. Optimizing for “leads” is totally different than optimizing for “sales”.

One of the last variables is competition. Car dealerships face a mix of competitors. They compete for traffic from their manufacturer website, other dealerships in their region, and 3rd party sites like AutoTrader or Each of those channels have healthy ad budgets and are very aggressive to fight for online traffic. So how do you win and achieve strong rankings and MoM increases? The answer is choosing the right partnership (not a vender). Why a partnership? It takes work from both the digital partner and the dealership to publish the right content that will generate traffic and rankings. Work has to be done from BOTH parties.

Dealership SEO Baton Rouge
Finding an SEO company for car dealerships today is about relevance and relevance refers to content that is fresh and relevant to your community. No “vender” can provide content better than someone within the dealership. Someone that knows what inventory is hot. What sales are coming. What product is in demand. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of work for the agency to do but the best “product” they can offer is knowledge and best practices – which will set the dealership up for true long-term success.

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