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Pay Per Click Advertising Company in Baton Rouge

It seems everyone is marketing pay per click advertising company these days. So how do you decide what company to choose? Here are the top questions you should ask when choosing a per per click advertising agency.

1. Experience
It may seem obvious, but what is considered “experienced”? Ask qualifying questions like “how many clients do you manage” or “what is the approximate budget under management by the firm annually.” A few things are critical when choosing the right partner – 1) the firm works with a wide range of different business types 2) the firm has conversion tracking as one if its leading goals.

2. Conversion Matters
All pay per click advertising has the ability to track very specific metrics. 1) clicks 2) calls 3) sales 4) events …and so on. It’s true that just about anyone can login and create a AdWords account – but the key is do they know how to setup the campaign to track the metrics that will measure success or failure.

3. Platform & Data
Do you have access to the campaign data in real-time or just get a spreadsheet emailed to you once per month. In this day and age getting a report at the end of the month is not enough. You should receive daily/weekly updates on the health of your online marketing campaigns. Click Here Publishing actually uses a client dashboard which our clients can log in at anytime and see results immediately (in real time).

4. Certifications
The team that is setting up and managing your campaigns daily should be Google Certified.

5. Examples of Successful Campaigns
We love to show-off data and our success stories. Ask any firm that you are interviewing to show you their reporting, their dashboards, their actual clients (with conversion data). We have dozens of case studies and active clients that we use as examples. Some client campaigns generate 100’s of phone calls per month in which we actually record every call and they are emailed in real-time to the client. Ask for examples – any reputable firm will have tons of examples.


If you’re looking for Pay Per Click Advertising in Baton Rouge, and would like a free demo, contact Click Here Publishing today at 225-383-0333 and let us show you how we can manage your pay per click advertising more effectively. View our Search Engine Marketing page for more detail.


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