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Mobile-Friendly Facebook Ads: Why and How?

Why do I need mobile-friendly Facebook ads?

Around 90% of Facebook traffic is mobile traffic, and over half of Facebook users only log in using their mobile devices. When making ads and posts for Facebook, always put the consumer first. If the consumer is mostly viewing your content on mobile devices, it is important to tailor ads in such a format. Mobile-friendly Facebook ads are a great way to start!

This American Express ad wouldn't be considered a mobile-friendly Facebook ad.The easiest way to get started with mobile-friendly Facebook ads is to scroll through your feed. What is the first ad you see? Mine happened to be an American Express ad. Sadly, the content of the ad is illegible from an iPhone. The advertised message is clear, but the actual video is not. It is understood that this ad is encouraging Facebook users to get the Amex Messenger bot, but what would make this ad more successful is if the chat feed was larger so we could see an example of the types of conversations and reminders the AmEx bot would send.

The first step when making a mobile-friendly Facebook ad is, of course, to keep all texts and logos under 20%. Facebook limits the amount of text an image has, so adhering to this ratio will allow your ad to be shown to the maximum audience for your budget. If the ad you make has more than 20% text, Facebook would limit the number of times the ad is served, or even worse, not show the ad at all.

Going back to the American Express ad, making sure your ad is legible for the most common mobile devices is also extremely important when creating a mobile-friendly Facebook ad. If people cannot recognize your brand or read the text, they may miss the importance of the ad. If your logos are too small to be seen, the brand recognition that comes with regular paid advertising will be lost.

Another integral step in making your mobile-friendly Facebook ads the best they can be on mobile newsfeeds is making the text snackable. Make sure each ad has one clear call to action and related text. Keep your text two sentences or less. The quicker you can get your message across, the better. Having too many offers or options for a consumer is confusing. Keep the focus small.

Mobile-friendly Facebook ads should be concise and to the point.
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Another example of an ad that could be modified to be a more mobile-friendly Facebook ad is this second one I see in my newsfeed – this Jefferson Bethke couple’s challenge ad. The graphic is eye-catching, legible, and under 20% text, but the top is-whoa. Who has time to read all of that? Honestly, it is a bit overwhelming. I don’t know if I would even read something this long if it was written by one of my Facebook friends, much less someone I haven’t heard of before. In addition, the entire ad doesn’t even fit on my full screen. This ad could be changed omit everything but the middle paragraph and it would likely perform much better than it is currently.

Mobile-friendly Facebook ads don’t stop with Facebook

Lastly. but certainly not least, what happens when someone clicks on your ad? Is the web page your ad goes to legible and formatted for mobile devices? Don’t lose potential customers by having an ad link to a page that is difficult for a mobile user to navigate. Having mobile-friendly landing pages that follow the same basic ad regulations as mobile-friendly Facebook ads will help improve the time your customer stays on your site, the collection of leads, and so much more. If the Facebook user has seen the great ad you just created and clicked on your ad, they are interested in your business or service. Don’t lose them over the page you send them to! The landing page for the couple’s ad I mentioned above is actually a great page. The text is legible, the options are limited, and the product being advertised is easily accessible. The call-to-action is large and easy to digest.

Get your message across with mobile-friendly Facebook ads

By keeping these tips in mind when creating mobile-friendly Facebook ads, you will have brainstormed from the consumer’s point of view, and can now create ads that will seamlessly get your mobile message across.


Holly Hingle

Holly Hingle

Director of Social Media Advertising at Click Here Publishing
Holly Hingle, Executive Director of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, successfully manages a multi-million dollar portfolio and aligns the fufillment team initiatives for a cohesive organic and paid digital presence. She provides successful strategies for regional healthcare systems, law firms, retail brands, and leading automotive groups, including the #1 Honda and Chevy dealer in Louisiana and the #1 BMW and Hyundai dealer in the USA.
Holly Hingle
Holly Hingle

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