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Increase Your Google Business Reviews With This Customer-Friendly Shortcut

You already know that customer reviews on your business’ Google Plus page are important. Positive ratings and reviews help boost your ranking position in the search results and let potential customers know how awesome you are via digital word of mouth. It’s simple: More positive online reviews and ratings = higher placement in Google results and increased conversions. In fact, 67.7% of respondents in a recent Google Consumer Survey said that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

Acquiring Google business reviews, however, can be a bit more challenging. Your customers are busy and it takes some time to search for your business’ Google Plus page and navigate to the review section and then share an experience.

Make it quick and easy for your customers to leave a great review on Google with a single click. Below we’ve outlined how to provide your customers a direct link for mobile or desktop that will take them straight to your Google Plus review page. 

Create A Direct Link for Desktop/Laptop Computers

  1. Add ?hl=en&review=1  at the end of your Google Plus business page URL. For example, the link for Click Here Publishing would look like this:
  2. Copy the link you created and give it to your customers. It will bring them directly to the review page where they can write an online review.

Create A Direct Link for Mobile Devices

You’ll need to create a different direct link to provide to your customers writing a Google business review from their phone or mobile device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From your mobile phone, go to your browser and search for your business name. For example, we’d search for “Click Here Publishing.”
  2. Scroll down the search results to your Google Plus page (it’s the blue bar business listing that shows your business photo and map). Click on the blue bar with your business name.  This will bring you to your Google Plus business page.
  3. On your Google Plus page, scroll down a bit until you see “Rate and review.” Click on the 5 stars. The review box will pop up. (Note: You must have a Gmail account to leave a Google business review. If you are not signed in to your Gmail account when you click on “Rate and review,” you will be prompted to sign into Gmail before the review window will pop up.)
  4. When the review box pops up, copy the URL in the address bar. Paste the URL somewhere that you can save and edit it (e.g. paste it into a notepad on your phone).Here’s how the Click Here Publishing URL looks:,2,5 
  5. Next, you’ll need to modify and shorten this URL a little bit so that the link will work on all mobile devices and browsers (Android, Apple, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).To modify, delete everything after the question mark, all the way up to right before the “q” (this is the start of your search term or “query”).For example, the modified URL for the Click Here Publishing link above looks like this:,2,4 
  6. Copy your URL and go to Google’s link shortener tool at Paste your URL in the box and click “Shorten URL.”
  7. Copy the new short URL you created and share this direct link with your customers who want to write a review via their mobile device.

You’ve already helped your customers make the right purchase now, make it easy for them to share that great experience with the world by providing a time-saving one-click option to review your business.


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