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Improve Brand Identity with a Web Design Company

What is your brand? Is it a cute little picture your web design company creates with your business logo? Is it the stamp of approval you place on every product you send into the great, wide world? Buckle up, because when you factor in Internet marketing, your brand is a whole lot more than that.

You can break down your company’s brand into five categories:

• Your online personality
• The words you say
• The way you look
• What your “friends” say about you
• Your social circles

Of course, these categories don’t apply to you personally. They apply to your brand. It’s easy to confuse the two, because in many ways, your brand is like a living, breathing creature walking the streets of the World Wide Web.

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It’s Everywhere

A quick dip of the toes into the realm of Internet marketing is enough to make most small businesses run for the phone. As long as you call the right web optimization experts, that’s not a bad choice. It takes a village to manage a brand.

Your company’s brand has a life of its own on the web. If you don’t monitor it, your brand can grow and evolve with a personality you never intended for it to have. Everywhere your company has an online presence, your brand changes. Take control of your company’s perceived personality by monitoring what people see and hear about your company on the Internet.

Words Are Mighty

Words, or in SEO terminology, content is one of the most powerful tools for building a brand. Content on your own site as well as on other sites can have a huge impact in describing your company, enticing customers, and informing them of your greatness. It’s a smart move to invest in SEO services, because they can help produce beneficial content for and about your company.

Be Recognizable

It’s also a good idea to work with a web design company to improve the “look” of your company across the web. What are the iconic images you picture when you think of popular companies like Facebook, Coca-Cola, or Nike? These companies keep their visual marketing tools consistent with their brand’s identity. As a result, consumers recognize who these companies are with nothing more than a flash of a symbol.

It’s Your Customers

Once people know who you are, what do they say about you? Do you get good or bad reviews? Do you have loyal customers that come back time and time again? It’s important to make every customer a loyal one. Face-to-face interaction and online interaction influence what people say about you and who they recommend you to.

Be Social

With social media like Google+, your brand literally belongs to a social “circle.” If your company is not strong on social media, then your brand will suffer. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the most highly used tools for customers to learn about you, form an opinion, and share information with their circles.

Managing your social media accounts can be time consuming and complicated. Your web design company will help you do it the right way to give your brand the best advantage.


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