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The Biggest Platform Change in Google’s History

Google Marketing Live 2018

We attended Google Marketing Live earlier this week in sunny San Jose, the center of Silicon Valley. Google Marketing Live is a sneak peek of all the macro products and changes Google will be launching in 2018. The upcoming changes announced at GML 2018 will affect both marketers and business owners in significant ways- the first being the biggest platform change in the history of Google.

No More Google AdWords or DoubleClick

If you run your own AdWords campaigns, you may have already received an email like this one:

Google AdWords now GoogleAds


The first major change coming this month is the removal of AdWords- including the AdWords URL. AdWords is no longer – it has been renamed to Google Ads. This change is evocative of a single, synchronized advertising platform that will encompass ALL Google advertising channels, including video, display, shopping, search, and apps. This change will be solidified by a new URL and logo –

DoubleClick is also being absorbed into the new GMP – Google Marketing Platform. This platform will house Analytics 360 and Google DoubleClick.

Bigger Emphasis on Mobile

Google DoubleClick Bid Manager Google Analytics 360 Google Marketing PlatformWhile this next announcement is not new, Google will be allowing us an increased visibility to mobile page speed insights. It will soon be easier than ever to get mobile page speed stats when they become integrated into the new Google Ads platform mentioned earlier. Mobile page speed will now affect your ad performance. In order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep ad cost low, seeking site improvements for mobile speed is crucial. The ad performance effect is the reason Google is choosing to display mobile page speed more prominently. Talk about a data collection time-saver!

Cross-Device Measurement

Facebook and Google campaign reporting has never matched up, partly because of the difference in the way it is reported. Google reports use the last-click attribution model, where Facebook reports on users and assisted conversions. Knowing the way customers shop behaviorally is leading Google to focus more resources on cross-device measurement.

You will soon see metrics including Unique Reach rather than just clicks and sessions. You will also be able to measure High-Value Shoppers. This new audience segmenting ability will give marketers the chance to target, remarket, or exclude more specific (and important) audiences. Narrowing down audiences will easily lead to a greater return on investment and cheaper campaign results if done correctly.

Smart Campaigns

In the age of Machine Learning, Google is unveiling new campaigns that rely on AI to relieve marketers of some manual work. One of these smart campaigns is expanding Store Visits to more advertisers and connecting offline events to online advertising. Another smart initiative is Responsive Search Campaigns, which simplify the management of search ads and allow advertisers to adapt one ad with multiple headlines and descriptions.

New Goal Enhancements for TrueView

Do you run video on Google and YouTube? If you do, you will be excited to learn that Google is also expanding goals for video. Along with critical platform changes, updates for TrueView are all centered on providing more goal options, including reach, brand lift, and lead generation. This will be a new way for advertisers to measure ROI on more than just a view or impression.

What is TrueView?
Simply put, TrueView is a YouTube video that allows a user to skip an ad after watching 5 seconds. It is based on an opt-in model – you pay only when someone chooses to watch the entire ad, up to 30 seconds of the ad or takes a valuable action, such as link-clicking.

Salesforce Integration – Beta

Although not available yet, Google and Salesforce full integration may be something we see later this year or early 2019. At the GML conference, Google gave us a few insights about a closed beta test with GA 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This integration will allow businesses to market GA360 audiences through direct channels like email and SMS for a consistent promotion.

2018 Goals for GoogleGoogle Marketing Live 2018

The goals of all new 2018 Google releases are better results, simpler experiences, and stronger collaboration. Better results will be achieved with more meaningful audience data, more refined video objectives, user-centered metrics, and cross-device measurement.

Google is aiming for simpler experiences by combining all dashboards into two comprehensive ones, Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform. Stronger collaboration summarizes Google’s current products being internally integrated to share data and work harder for your goals.

Holly Hingle

Holly Hingle

Director of Social Media Advertising at Click Here Publishing
Holly Hingle, Executive Director of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, successfully manages a multi-million dollar portfolio and aligns the fufillment team initiatives for a cohesive organic and paid digital presence. She provides successful strategies for regional healthcare systems, law firms, retail brands, and leading automotive groups, including the #1 Honda and Chevy dealer in Louisiana and the #1 BMW and Hyundai dealer in the USA.
Holly Hingle
Holly Hingle

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