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Facebook Template Changes & What’s New With Recommendations

Changes in Facebook: Recommendations

Facebook has introduced a new template breakout for business manager pages. You may have received a notification informing you of the upcoming template change. You can update your business’ template now or wait until it is automatically updated on August 22nd 2018.

Reason for the Template Change

Why is Facebook having businesses update their page templates? The new template updates will help people easily connect with your business. You can choose your business’ new template based off of what your business goals and priorities consist of. For example, if your business is a restaurant you can choose a template that prioritizes restaurant goals. Whereas, if you choose a template for businesses, sales goals are prioritized. Template options consist of services, venues, movies, nonprofit, politicians, the list goes on. Each template is prioritized to show what your viewers and/or customers find most important.

Furthermore, the new template update allows for businesses to customize how their page looks to users. You have the opportunity to easily rearrange sidebar tabs prioritizing what you think is most important to users and your business, hopefully improving conversion rate.

Ratings Are Now Recommendations

Facebook has made the official decision to turn “Reviews” into “Recommendations”. While it is still under the “Review” section, you can no longer rate a business on 1-5 star scale. When customers want to write a review, they can choose to recommend or not recommend your page.

Ratings are Now Recommendations


Recommendations Are Powerful Endorsements

2 in 3 Facebook users visit the page of a local business at least once a week. 1 in 3 people on Facebook use the platform to look for recommendations and reviews. When customers publicly recommend you in a group or to their friends, it appears on your page for all to see. Therefore, recommendations are essential to your business in order to drive more sales and to, hopefully, obtain a positive reputation.Reporting Unfair Recommendations

Easily Report Unfair Recommendations

Any Facebook user can easily report content that you believe is unfair, fraud, spam or paid for. This feature will benefit your business by keeping your businesses reputation true.

How to?

Customers can now easily share important details through tags and photos. In order to leave a recommendation locate the recommendations on the left side of a page. Click YES to recommend or NO to not recommend. Write your custom recommendation or you can choose from auto tags (friendly staff, slow service, etc.)

What’s coming?

Facebook is testing a new rating and recommendation system. Facebook currently uses a scale of 1-5 stars as an overall rating for your business. A new system is currently being tested to replace the 5-star scale with a rating scale from 1-10. Sentiments within reviews as well as recommendations and response times to private messages will be considered when calculating the overall rating of a business.


As a business owner, this gives you a snapshot of what your customers really feel about their experiences with your business by simply looking at the KEYWORDS most often used in the recommendations of your business. If you regularly maintain your online reputation and notice you have mostly positive reviews and feedback, yet you see with this new rating scale that your business has a 4 out of 10, this could mean that your customers enjoy you face-to-face, but your response time is lacking. Stay on top of your pages’ reviews and recommendations as well as message responses and you are guaranteed a 10 out of 10.


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