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Expanded Text Ads: Google’s Game-Changing Advertising Upgrade

Here’s the scoop on Google’s Expanded Text Ads

As we take our digital advertising into the next generation—the mobile-first world—you may have been noticing that your ads are a bit longer, contain a lot more text, and are showing up a tad differently than what you remember. Welcome, Expanded Text Ads.  It’s kind of like when your friend gets a new haircut. You don’t quite know how to put your finger on what changed, but you do know he/she is looking much better!

We’ve upgraded our ads to become Expanded Text Ads, or ETAs. What does this mean? Why are we working so hard to convert all of your ads to this new formula when you things were working great before? Here is everything you need to know about this great new ad format:

What Are Expanded Text Ads?

Expanded Text Ads are exactly what their name suggests—SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) with an expanded area available for text. Designed by Google for the mobile-first search experience, the ETA strategy aims to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with a more noticeable and bigger heading and an extra long description to show across all devices—desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Why The Change?

Called the “biggest change to text ads since Adwords launched 15 years ago” by Google, Expanded Text Ads are a “game changer.” The shift to an Expanded Text Ad format comes just after Google did away with the ads on the right sidebar—another effort to create a mobile-first user experience. Trillions of searches are conducted on Google every day, and now more than half are done on mobile devices. Search engine advertising platforms are responding to this market change. As mobile usage on the web and search engines increases, ETAs will move us towards a more unified experience across all devices.

Key Differences

The content structure of Google and Bing Ads will significantly change to accommodate the doubled text content of Expanded Text Ad. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Two Headline Fields (up to 30 characters each) vs 1 (25 limit)
  • A single expanded description field (up to 80 characters) v 2 description fields with only 35 each (70)
  • A display URL that automatically uses your final URL’s domain to ensure accuracy
  • Two optional “Path” fields, used in the ad’s display (o to 15 characters each

Google Expanded Text Ads


Not everything is changing! Expanded Text Ads are still fully compatible with Ad Extensions, and they are available on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

What Are The Benefits Of Expanded Text Ads?

For advertisers, more text means greater visibility. This new format provides additional messaging control and the ability to more accurately reach your target audience. Early tests with ETAs indicated that CTRs (Click Through Rates) improved more than 20% in some instances. For users, each ad represents more usable and reader-friendly information. Above all, these ads mean that advertisers and users can rely on search engine marketing to produce and provide traffic more accurately and across all devices!

Jonas Dominique
Jonas Dominique (Miami University ’11) manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in Paid Search Advertising campaigns as a Google Certified SEM Analyst for Click Here Publishing in Baton Rouge. His portfolio spans the entire United States specializing in the Automotive, Hospitality, Medical and Legal industries. With over 7 years of marketing and technology experience, his resume includes start-ups, agencies, and non-profit/foundation formation in the United States and abroad.
Jonas Dominique

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