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Enterprise SEO & Reporting Overview

A question that has come up in our office is “what are the different types of SEO”. Here is a quick breakdown of how we measure SEO and the different types of services that are contained within a typical SEO package.

First, I like to describe SEO as a service (not a product). Many clients that we speak with think they can order SEO as if were a product (ex; an order of fries). In fact, SEO is a very labor intensive process and what is really being ‘sold’ is the hours and hours that it takes the SEO professional to conduct his or her tasks to optimize a clients website.

There are two main categories when it comes to SEO – 1) On-Page SEO 2) Off-Page SEO

ON-PAGE SEO includes:

  • Overall website optimization
  • Title tag and meta-data optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Error scanning and repair (ex; bad links)
  • Image optimization
  • Webmaster tool setup
  • Analytic setup and best practices
  • Reporting*

OFF-PAGE SEO includes:

  • Link building
  • Direction submission & citations
  • External content including press releases
  • Social Media optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Reporting*

 Example of SEO Report From Our Custom Dashboard:
baton rouge search engine optimization

The difference amongst SEO Companies is the tools they use and the experience they have within the SEO industry. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars each year on Enterprise Tools, scanners, and attending seminars and well as developing our own client dashboards and reporting tools. In the end, it’s the reporting and transparency that the SEO Company can deliver to the client that will truly determine if there is a positive or negative ROI.

We are unique because we are an SEO company but we also own and operate our own .COM businesses (ex; Many times we end up becoming our own biggest client. That said, it is imperative that our entire team uses the best tools, the best practices, and stays up to date on the constant changes and releases from the Search Engines.

Enterprise SEO Companies are certified professionals (ex; Google AdWord and Google Analytic Certified) that track everything and integrate tools into the client’s analytic program. This creates the best scenario for success.

View this post for real client examples and results.




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