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Digital Marketing Strategy Specifically for Your Business

Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Your Business's Digital Marketing StrategyWhen having initial discussions about a digital marketing strategy with a new client, one of the most common requests that we get is “Can you send me your packages?” This always leads into the discussion as to why we don’t have “packages” like most companies do.

As consultants, we want to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is actually successful for your specific business and there is no generalized formula or package for a great digital marketing campaign strategy. Building an effective digital marketing campaign is all about achieving the needs and goals of your business.

Different businesses have different needs and measures of success, depending on their industry and market. Some businesses are looking to create brand recognition in a certain area. So, they would like their ads to be seen as many times as possible within a certain budget, despite the likelihood of them being clicked on. While other businesses don’t care how many people see the ads, as long as the people that do, take action to contact them or make a purchase online. However, most companies we encounter want some combination of these two goals.

So, our team of experienced digital consultants works with clients to understand their business and create integrated digital marketing strategy utilizing multiple marketing channels to accomplish their specific goals.

Although there are a very large number of marketing channels to choose from, below are the main channels that are utilized for a balanced digital marketing strategy and the purpose of each:

Paid Search / Google Paid Ads is probably the most well-known form of digital marketing. These are the ads that appear in the search engines as people are searching for relevant things on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. These campaigns are managed by bidding on relevant search terms that potential clients or customers may be searching. Of the channels being discussed, these ads are the most likely to result in a direct conversion.

Google & Facebook Remarketing (or Retargeting) ads are text, graphic, or video ads that can appear on 3rd party sites in the Google Display Network or on Facebook. These ads target people that have recently visited your website while they visit other websites throughout the web. These ads are also fairly likely to convert because these are people that have already shown interest in your business by visiting the website. So, these ads serve as a reminder or 2nd touchpoint to encourage them to return.

Facebook Ads have recently grown from just a few ad types to a multitude of ad types and options within each type. They have even branched out to include Instagram within their targeting and ad types. However, even with these new ad types, Facebook is not generally considered to be a direct conversion channel. That being said, Facebook is still a great place for brand exposure and to put your business in front of the customers you want. Facebook allows for more detailed targeting based on practically any information a use provides on their profile – and recent stats estimate that the average person opens Facebook on their phone at least 50 times per day. This is an unprecedented rate.

Display Ads are text or graphic ads that appear on 3rd party websites throughout the Internet that are part of the Google Display Network of advertisers. This is very similar to remarketing, except that ads are not only targeted to people that have recently visited your website. Instead, ads are targeted by relevant interests, topics, or even to specific websites to reach people that may likely be interested in your business. In many ways, display ads are like an online billboard. You put your ads out in front of a target audience for exposure with the hopes that they will remember you when your services are relevant to them. For this reason, these ads very rarely result in a direct conversion.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Video AdvertisingYouTube & Facebook Video Ads are probably the least likely to lead to a direct conversion but are great for assisted conversions. These ads are basically online commercials and play an important supporting role in your online digital marketing strategy. Just like TV commercials, these ads can be targeted to specific geographic areas, as well as, to general types of interests that a company’s product or service may appeal to.

Although it may seem like a multiple choice of which digital advertising channel to apply to your company’s marketing strategy, the most successful campaigns usually employ several of these to have the biggest impact. Conversion is usually tracked to the last point of interaction. However, research shows that it is rarely a single point of contact that leads a potential customer to contact a company or make a purchase online. This is why it is so important to have an experienced digital consultant who can advise your company on how to best diversify your digital marketing strategy to produce the highest return on your investment.

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As a senior digital consultant with Click Here, Julie manages integrated digital marketing strategies and business development. With more than 8 years of experience, Julie has provided digital marketing consulting for some of the nation’s largest legal firms, and hotel and entertainment corporations.Learn More…
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