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Click Here Publishing Ranks Above Optimal for Facebook Ad Solution Adoption

After an exciting QBR meeting with our Facebook partner in Austin, we can now announce that we rank above optimal for  Facebook advertising in the following categories:top facebook automotive agencies

  • Instagram Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Ad Placements
  • Optimal Branding
  • Direct Response
  • Carousel Usage
  • Facebook Pixel Utilization

Click Here Publishing is at a current Facebook growth rate of 112%. We attribute our success on Facebook to our full-funnel strategy. Click Here Publishing deploys a winning Facebook strategy that covers every aspect of a buyer’s journey – from discovery to engagement, through intention, and down to conversion. Our office holds an entire team of Facebook and Instagram-exclusive analysts, which use their knowledge, beta testing, aggressive targeting, and creative brains to engage the maximum amount of Facebook users.

Highest Client Retention

In addition to a winning Facebook ad strategy, Click Here Publishing also has one of the highest client retention rates in the industry. We encourage our clients to treat us like partners and we offer full transparency through our custom reporting. Each client of ours has their own dedicated Account Services Manager. These Account Services Managers work with our clients to educate them on current digital trends, advertising avenues, and what works/doesn’t for their specific business and needs. This goes beyond just social media advertising- we work with our clients and ask deep questions about their daily business practices, staffing, and current sales and trends.

Facebook Automotive Agencies

Click Here Publishing is determined to become one of the top Facebook agencies for automotive by making heavy investments in new social advertising products, such as Dynamic Automotive Ads, aka DAA. The future of Facebook automotive advertising will rely heavily on this structure. These DAA ads will go beyond features being used for Dynamic Product Ads and allow automotive dealers to have more information on submitted leads, including VIN numbers. You can now combine Automotive Dynamic Ads with Lead Ads, allowing seamless lead submittal on specific vehicles. These future customers experience top-level convenience by having their form lead pre-populated based on Facebook sign up information. They also never have to leave the Facebook app to submit a vehicle lead.

What’s Next?

Our Facebook advertising team will continue to encourage our current clients to increase their monthly average frequency for a greater social presence. Being there for every opportunity will garner more awareness, engagement, and leads. Click Here Publishing will also encourage businesses to invest more in video advertising, both through Facebook and Instagram. Video advertising on social allows you to reach your targeted audience quickly and very inexpensively. We are actively pursuing new opportunities on Instagram through Instagram stores and new Instagram direct purchase features. Stay tuned!

Holly Hingle

Holly Hingle

Director of Social Media Advertising at Click Here Publishing
Holly Hingle, Executive Director of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, successfully manages a multi-million dollar portfolio and aligns the fufillment team initiatives for a cohesive organic and paid digital presence. She provides successful strategies for regional healthcare systems, law firms, retail brands, and leading automotive groups, including the #1 Honda and Chevy dealer in Louisiana and the #1 BMW and Hyundai dealer in the USA.
Holly Hingle
Holly Hingle

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