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Baton Rouge Social Media Experts & How Social Media Matters

Social Meida for Your Buisness is Important

Why do you need Social Media for your business? The answer is easier explained by this statement “your business needs to be present where your customers are!”.

What does that mean? Google Maps is the #1 used application across all mobile users. Is your Google+ for Buisness page up to date? Do you even know what that means? Well, it better be if you want to be listed accurately on Google Maps.

There are 1 billion users on Facebook. Is your business listed accurately and do you post regularly? Do you know what type of posts have the biggest impact?

Do you want to have positive reviews about your business on Google? Do you want the ability to respond to those reviews when they are posted? Again, you must have Googe+ for Business.

1 in 3 Search Engine results in the near future will contain video results. Do you have a YouTube strategy? Does your website development partner have video built into your online strategy?

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Did you know reviews can actually increase your search rankings? Did you know that the number of followers you have on Facebook can also increase your rankings? That said, Social Media can actaully be a great strategy to increase your SEO and your website rankings.

Want to learn more? Contact our offices and we will be glad to show you real examples how Social Media can help your business.

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