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Advertising on Facebook

“Why should my company advertise on Facebook?” This is one of the most common questions we get in regards to digital marketing.

Facebook Advertising | Click Here PublishingMost businesses today have gained a familiarity with Google as a standard channel of marketing in their annual digital budget while the new and fast growing Facebook ad platform has not yet gained this same trust and familiarity.

Launching in 2004, Facebook was originally a college campus based online community. At the inception, the only form of marketing incorporated into the platform were “flyers” utilized by members to promote things – much like you would see flyers posted in on a college campus. Today, 14 years later, they couldn’t be further from a college bulletin board. Every type of business and corporation imaginable utilizes Facebook’s marketing platform.

So, if Google has become the “old reliable” of digital marketing, why should you include Facebook in your digital strategy?

The most obvious answer is utilization and frequency. Recent stats have shown that average person spends 30 minutes per day on Facebook and visits the site 50 times per day.

Detailed targeting of ad campaigns is something Facebook offers that very few other marketing channels can offer. Most people do not realize that practically anything that people put on their Facebook profile can be targeted. This includes age, sex, occupation, interests, marital status, etc. If you want to target 30-35 year old married women that are corporate executives with an ad for a designer briefcase, there are not many other places that this would possible to do with as much precision.

Variety of ad types is a fairly recent benefit of the Facebook advertising platform. Although their “Clicks to Site” and Re-targeting ad types are popular, Facebook recently released many more ad types making them applicable to almost any business model.

  1. Lead Generation Ads allow you to collect form leads / submissions with forms built into the ads that are auto-populated with basic information for a user’s profile.
  2. Video Ads offer the ability to auto-play video clips and commercials in users’ newsfeeds as they scroll.
  3. Offer Claim Ads give users the opportunity to Like an Offer that will then be emailed to them to claim when they choose.
  4. Instagram Ads are also now offered through the Facebook marketing platform as a way to gain additional exposure.

Click Here Publishing Social Media MarketingThe most impressive component is the cost. It’s affordable! Today, Facebook is one of the lowest cost digital marketing solutions on the market today. Google is still a necessity but nothing will match the frequency, targeting, flexibility and cost than Facebook. Therefore, if you are looking to expand and balance your digital marketing budget Facebook is a great option.


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