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Click Here Publishing Works with LED to Launch

Click Here Publishing is very pleased to announce that our online marketing division has had the pleasure of being part of the launch of Louisiana Job Connection, a free job-matching website that will help meet the recruitment needs of Louisiana companies while serving as a centralized hub for job seekers.

Filling a job that requires a specific skill set is a time-consuming process that results in lower productivity and lower sales for businesses. Louisiana Job Connection accelerates this process by providing a robust, skills-based job matching platform that matches potential employees with jobs for which they are qualified. Job seekers can find a job by submitting their resume, while employers can find employees by registering their businesses and posting jobs, all at no cost.

Louisiana Job Connection provides an impressive array of options for job seekers and potential employers like a clean and straightforward interface which provides a simple way to setup a profile that can be customized to fit a person’s individual needs. Users who are looking for a job will be able to pull their resumes directly from their Linkedin profiles or create, post, and print their own right on the website. Once a resume has been submitted, users will be matched using an advanced algorithm that will only connect them with job opportunities that they qualify for and that would utilize their own unique skills and experiences. Employers can post jobs manually or choose to scrape from another site where they already provide job listings. Once the jobs are posted, employers will only see profiles for qualified potential employees who fit the provided requirements.

Click Here Publishing brings 20 years of marketing and consulting experience to this Louisiana Economic Development project and will be providing SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing for Louisiana Job Connection. Louisiana Job Connection will be marketed to in-state job seekers, Louisiana “boomerangs” (people who left Louisiana and now want to come home), and individuals who reside in high-demand areas through targeted in-state and out-of-state marketing campaigns.

Click Here Publishing is extremely excited about working with Louisiana Economic Development to improve both the economy and the quality of jobs in Louisiana. Louisiana Job Connection is open to anyone searching for a job, and to employers with a Louisiana tax ID.

Visit Louisiana Job Connection to find a job in Louisiana!

Click Here Publishing Works with LED to Launch

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